Selasa, 25 Desember 2012

Blogging is Hobby

Maybe this time there are those who do not know what is a blog, a blog is a medium used to disseminate information through creativity that we have. Apparently a lot of people assume that all activities related to the blog can be used as their hobby. Things that can make one as a hobby blog that blogs as a medium supporting the works that you create to be accepted by other readers by giving feedback to articles that you have made, not just to write articles that you can publish on a blog, you also to show a creative design that makes its own uniqueness for yourself can be a picture that addresses a person's everyday behavior or you can combine articles with the design you created yourself making a plus for your blog to be known.

In addition to developing creativity in writing, the blog also forced us to create ideas that are interesting and innovative that many readers feel comfortable and interested while in your blog. In its development, there are 2 popular blog platforms to date:

1. Blogger 

Blogger is one of the popular blog platforms that became one of the google products in blogs, other than that we can register as an owner of a blog for free. A lot of advantages of blogger blogger does not cost them so it is good to use for those of you who just do blogging activities without requiring hosting, but it is very easy to setup blogger. If you are bored with the domain. then you can change it as you want after you buy a domain on trusted sites buy and sell domains.

2. Wordpress

WordPress platform is one that is very popular among bloggers, WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg named. WordPress has two types of blogs are free version and a paid version. In the free version we only have a blog with a domain. free wordpress has some excellent features such as hosting. The paid version, wordpress provide domain and hosting as a place to install wordpress featured application that will increase the popularity of your blog. Conclusion that we get paid to maximize the wordpress blog for better search in google because it is more suitable in online business.

In addition to an attractive design, it needs to be done to build a blog is the quality of the article published because if you are poor quality articles, blog readers will just come and go without them remember and keep your blog page. In writing this article you are required to focus on the categories you mentioned, do not get in a blog has a lot of categories. Categories that are often covered by other blogs are :

1. news
news is the category of the most discussed and sought after by readers, for readers who want the latest news and horrendous. Some of which news blog

2. tips and tricks blog
in building a blog, usually a person needs in order to make your blog what he wanted. It is widely used one to give tips and tricks about the blog. Blog that discusses tips and tricks about blogs is

3. Football
Football is a very popular sport in the world, it makes a lot of people to discuss the article with categories such as football football news, football results that have occurred. This turned out to be a very positive reaction to the blogs that discuss the world of football. Blog that discusses football is

Basically, a blog that we created is divided into two objectives, namely commercial and non-commercial. A blog that has a non-commercial. On a non-commercial blog like personal blogs or blogs that focus on providing information to the public. While the blog for commercial purposes is focused to seek popularity blog itself by providing high quality articles for a number of loyal readers very much. If all of it has been fulfilled, the greater the chance to profit from blogs. Some examples of blogs in Indonesia which has a huge advantage:

1. Terselubung

Who does not know terselubung, for those of you who like to do social media activities must have heard of or been to his blog. Terselubung is a blog that maximize social media as a primary tool in obtaining a lot of visitors every day. With many loyal readers shrouded with terselubung interesting articles are always given, blog advertising is offered by one of the providers of telecommunications services in Indonesia and a major income derived from it. Though not maximize properly engineering blog, terselubung more known for maximizing the role of social networks like and which has more than 150 thousand and 200 thousand followers like. 

2. Remo-xp

Remo-xp is a blog that specializes in both software download full version and a free version. Blog is popular because it has a lot of visitors every day and always be the first choice if you want to download the reader the latest software. The main income remo-xp blog comes from advertisements and a website that pays a dollar each software being downloaded. The second thing that makes remo-xp has great earnings Indonesia blog world.

3. Ganool 

if you are a fan of good animation movies or some other category certainly no stranger to the blog articles that focus on the latest movies and the best. It is available in many category blog you can watch the movie. Because of the many film lovers and many daily visitors blog is so much advertising by the blog owner. It affects the amount of income received ganool as the best film blog.

In the blog world there are many ways in which to earn money from your blog, following various sources of income from a blog:

1. Ad Space. It is mostly done by the blogger is to put ads on their blog space. Using this method, we can choose what ads are allowed to be installed. No advertising system called Pay Per Click PPC is often called an advertising technique using an ad service without our looking for people who want to advertise, the disadvantage of this system is that we can not filter advertisements in whatever we choose to be fitted into our blog. PPC advertising programs are the most widely used such as Google Adsense, WidgetBucks, and Text Link Ads.

2. Affiliate Program. Is a program in which we act as a liaison between the owner of the product to potential buyers. If the prospective buyer make a deal then we will get the money for what we have done. There are so many affiliate programs you can join. For example like Clickbank, Linkshare, Commission Junction, and Amazon.

3. Online Business. Who thought that if we could be a media blog marketing product that we sell everyday. For example, if your clothes and t-shirts seller, there is a very effective way to market your product than to sell it to the market is to sell on your blog. so buyers not only come in your area only, buyers can see your product from all over Indonesia. Survivors business online

 In the article above, may be a source of inspiration as well as improving your spirit to always work through articles and creative design. If you are passionate to write in a diary, it does not hurt to switch to other media such as blogs. For those of you who have an entrepreneurial mentally, trying to improve buyers by introducing your product into your blog or want to join  advertising programs offered by some websites to your blog. Hope to always work and create new things in an imaginative and share your article in the series. 

thanks to : blogger, wordpress, terselubung, remo-xp, ganool


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